Snow & Ice Removal

Aphix employs one of the largest snow-removal fleets in Kentucky. No matter what Mother Nature sends your way, the Aphix snow-removal team will tackle the challenge so that you can guarantee the safety of your employees, customers, and community.

We will bring to your project the four main components to successful snow and ice removal: personnel, equipment, training, and planning. We plan ahead long before the threat of winter weather or the deployment of our crew, through training new personnel both in a classroom and on the job, where they practice with the equipment they will use on your property.

We offer a variety of snow removal pricing that is designed to meet the needs of each individual cutomer. We believe that snow removal is a zero-tolerance service and can be performed at a hassle-free experience.

Our highly trained crews will provide an excellent service at a competitive price.

Services Offered

  • Parking Lot Plowing
  • Parking Lot De-icing
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Sidewalk De-icing
  • Snow Hauling
  • And more!